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新款螺丝套丝机实地现场操作步骤 On-the-spot operation steps of a new screw thread machine

Release time:2018/2/22 17:10:39      Publisher:admin

On-the-spot operation steps of screw thread machine

The correct method of screw threading machine field operation steps are: screw threading machine in operation, the first processing thread pipe into pipe chuck, impact locking, press the start switch, the pipe with chuck to rotate, adjust the opening size of the good die head die set screw the length of the feeding hand wheel clockwise. Then, at the end of the die head on the die tightly rotating knife to constant pipe, automatic cutting knife die threading, and cooling system for automatic die cutter oil cooling, such as silk export processing to the preset length, will automatically open die cutter, wire export processing end. Shut off the power supply, open the chuck, take out the pipe.

The operation steps of the new wire sleeve machine

Reinforced set of silk machine threading equipment comprises a machine body, motor, reducer, pipe chuck, die head, cutting tool, cutting device, cooling system, the manual pipe screw plate electric, the pipe thread processing pipe installation easy, fast, reducing the labor intensity of workers of the pipeline installation. The shredding machine can be slowly set on the steel tube, tightening, injecting, rotating, turning, rotating, turning, and injecting oil. With the development of CNC machine tools in China, the surface smoothness of machined thread has also been greatly improved, and it has been gradually accepted and enjoyed by Chinese customers. In this way, a beautiful thread can be carved on the steel pipe.

The operation steps of the new wire sleeve machine

On-the-spot operation steps of screw thread machine

Field operation specifications of screw thread machine on the spot:

Maximum diameter of cutting thread:

39 millimeter of metric thread

Pipe thread 1 inches and 4 points

Minimum diameter of cutting thread:

10 millimeter of metric thread

Pipe thread 1/4 inch

The diameter range of the clamp holder is 9-70 mm

The maximum length of the cutting thread is 300 millimeters

Spindle speed range (6 level) 47-318 turn / sub

The power of the main motor 3 kilowatts

The shape of the machine tool is 1570 millimeters, 610 millimeters and 1150 millimeters

1 tons of machine tool weight

Hebei building screw threading machine operator in the maintenance of machinery, the recommended daily cleaning oil, if oil or black dirt, should be replaced with new oil tank cleaning. In addition, after the end of the work, cleaning and inspection die die die head, there is no gear, tooth clearance between the chip, if found damaged should be replaced, replace the die can not only replace one, should be replaced with a, four die. It is also necessary to check the wear of the equipment every month. If it is found that the wear is serious, it must be replaced. The wire machine must be safe to use. Emerson pipe tools remind everyone that any non rotating state should be stopped. The chuck can be rotated in clockwise direction, the three claw is loosened, the tube is loaded from the rear disc, through the front disc, and the length is about 10 centimeters long. When the machine is not used for a long time, the power plug should be unloaded. Smear antirust oil on the front and rear guide posts and other running surfaces, and store it in the draught and dry place. Only the real equipment maintenance work, can the better use of silk machine.

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