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Understanding the development of high speed CNC thread machining machine tool

Release time:2018/2/22 17:09:38      Publisher:admin

CNC thread processing machine is mainly aimed at the demand for high-speed and high-precision development of CNC technology and equipment, and develops a new high-precision trajectory control technology. With high frequency and high resolution through the new corner, linear displacement double position closed-loop control to ensure the accurate implementation of the expected trajectory, and technologytrajectory correction to eliminate the mechanical error and the disturbance of the trajectory accuracy, so that the machine can be controlled in the production of high precision operation. The new CNC system has been applied to a variety of domestic CNC machine tools, and good results have been achieved.

Understanding the development of high speed CNC thread machining machine tool

It can quickly adjust the motion speed of the coordinate axis, and can control the position accurately. It requires a wide range of speed regulation, high displacement precision, good stability and fast dynamic response. (Note: in order to ensure the high quality of the thread, the special cutting oil of the steel pipe machine should be used).

CNC machine tool can produce parts with small surface roughness, not only because of the rigidity and accuracy of machine tools, but also because of its constant linear speed cutting function. The surface roughness depends on the feed speed and the cutting speed in the case of material, fine car allowance and cutting tool. Using the cross line speed cutting function of CNC machine tools, the best line speed can be used to cut the end face, so that the cut out of the roughness is both small and consistent. CNC machine tools are also suitable for different parts of the machined parts with different surface roughness. The smaller part of the roughness can be achieved by reducing the speed of the feed, which is not available on the traditional machine tool.

Understanding the development of high speed CNC thread machining machine tool

Hydraulic reinforced set of silk machine is used for cutting and thread rolling forming a noise to the end to steel reinforcement and thread processing to solve the steel reinforcement end before processing pretreatment, and similar devices be rolled into the number of times, this site reduced the work order processing and many times steel handling, improve the processing efficiency of field production; using the die head threading machine can be realized on a variety of specifications of steel rolling processing, using open adjustable tooth structure, without reversing back wire, improve work efficiency. The length of the special thread is 350mm. The same kind of equipment has solved the condition that the straight thread of the end of steel end is required for the same kind of equipment. The inner cooling liquid is used to solve the problem of chip cutting, high automatic strength, automatic stop reduction and automatic shutdown. The rebar ribbed straight thread rolling machine is a special equipment for machining the straight thread head of the steel bar.

Understanding the development of high speed CNC thread machining machine tool

Ready to work to make the steel pipe threading machine is very good for our work, so the preparatory work must not cut corners. When in use, if you still do not understand the local, have to check the goods by manual or consult the relevant personnel, to prevent damage to the operation is not properly formed steel pipe threading machine. My company with the actual basis of the original old products, and after repeated experiments, developed a new type of electric pipe threading machine. The machine is a professional equipment for mine construction machinery, with compact structure, excellent manufacturing, simple operation and convenient maintenance. It is equipped with industrial PLC control technology, automatic lubrication, automatic clamping, automatic loosening, and a series of automatic functions. The parts of the rebar wire machine greatly improve the density of the steel, improve the tensile strength of the material, and belong to the non chip processing equipment. Compared with the manual wire knitting machine produced by the machine tool process, it has many advantages, such as saving raw materials, improving product quality, improving production efficiency, saving labor force and reducing labor intensity of operators.  This product is mainly applied to the processing of internal and external threads in factories and sites, especially for steel structure company, road bridge company, screw thread and screw thread. Processing length: 350mm, has the following characteristics: compared with similar products set thread processing range, long length, three speed high processing efficiency, a thread of fine symmetry, the beautiful appearance, reasonable design.

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