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The current use of a new type of anchor bolt shredding machine

Release time:2018/2/22 17:08:38      Publisher:admin

In order to achieve 7% GDP growth target this year, investment in infrastructure, efforts will increase; we take the anchor bolt threading machine for example, because economic growth is convenient, threading machine of all structure in all aspects of the main shaft adopt variable frequency speed regulation, the use of pneumatic cutter, linear guide, and equipped with automatic feeding device, and thread processing is mainly applicable to factories, construction sites, especially steel structure, road bridge, embedded screw, screw machining screw sleeve.

New type of anchor bolt shredding machine

The anchor bolt threading machine using open die steel processing thread special equipment modernization, is mainly used in the pre buried bolt, embedded screw, professional processing equipment of anchor bolts. The machine is scientific, compact, beautiful, efficient and easy to operate. It is suitable for processing the external thread of construction site and factory batch. It provides high efficiency machining equipment (screw machine) for the preburied bolt screw commonly used in steel structure company. In the use of threading machine with two screw jacket wire, two sets of silk thread guide, make labor 25%, without replacement of threading cutter teeth and at the same time, 25% lighter than other products, can be set only 1 inch wire exposed wall tube, the overall price than similar tools available in low 10%-25%, die carbon steel and stainless steel pipe.

The anchor bolt threading machine comprises a machine body, motor, reducer, pipe chuck, die head, cutting tool, cutting device, cooling system, the manual pipe screw plate electric, the pipe thread processing pipe installation easy, fast, reducing the labor intensity of workers of the pipeline installation. The shredding machine can be slowly set on the steel tube, tightening, injecting, rotating, turning, rotating, turning, and injecting oil. With this continuous work, a beautiful screwdriver can be deeply carved on the steel tube. Now many large diameter steel bars are connected by mechanical sleeve wires. Two steel bars are connected by straight threaded joints. The wire winding machine is also used for pre embedding of the continuous wall connectors.

New type of anchor bolt shredding machine

The main parameter specifications of the foot bolt shredding machine:

Maximum diameter of cutting thread:

39 millimeter of metric thread

Pipe thread 1 inches and 4 points

Minimum diameter of cutting thread:

10 millimeter of metric thread

Pipe thread 1/4 inch

The diameter range of the clamp holder is 9-70 mm

The maximum length of the cutting thread is 300 millimeters

Spindle speed range (6 level) 47-318 turn / sub

The power of the main motor 4 kilowatts

The shape of a machine tool (long * width * high) 1570 * 610 x 1150 mm

1 tons of machine tool weight

A random appendage, a combination of a spanner, a pair of flat plate teeth.

New type of anchor bolt shredding machine

The main features of the anchor bolt threading machine is: workpiece clamping in the corresponding caliper bracket, then moves the handwheel, thread will automatically pull the workpiece cutting thread, cutting thread connecting rod length by the bed is with iron block, control cutting thread length, by connecting rod transmission will automatically cut off the head there are various threads, spindle speed, convenient adjustment.

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