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New dynamic development power of new type steel pipe knitting machine

Release time:2018/2/22 17:07:51      Publisher:admin

In 2017, China's economic growth was 6.9%, and the annual growth rate has risen for the first time since 2011. Does this mean that China's economy has rebounded at the bottom and has entered a new growth cycle? For this evaluation of the 6.9% figure, we should not only see the growth rate rebound and two-way fluctuation, but the key is to see the quality, efficiency and structure behind the growth rate, which has been significantly improved and improved compared with the past. A series of positive changes contributed to 6.9% of the high level of gold in 2017.

A new type of steel pipe shredding machine

These positive changes include: first, the effect of structural adjustment is continuing to appear. Our country insists on promoting the structural reform of the supply side as the main line, which has effectively promoted the market clearing, the improvement of supply and demand relations and the optimization of the supply structure. In 2017, the growth of industrial added value above scale has been the first to rise since 2011. The utilization rate of industrial capacity has reached a 5 year high. The contribution rate of consumption to economic growth has increased by nearly 10 percentage points compared with that of 5 years ago.

Two is the new and old kinetic energy conversion is continuing to speed up. In the past 5 years, the annual increase in R & D investment in the country has increased by more than 11%, and the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress has increased from 52.2% to 57.5%. It is estimated that the new kinetic energy has contributed more than 30% to economic growth.

A new type of steel pipe shredding machine

Now the new type of steel pipe knitting machine produced by our company is widely used in various big factories. With its excellent mechanical properties, it has been loved by the vast number of users. More and more manufacturers are producing, qualified products can be applied to work. So how can we judge whether the product is qualified?

1. steel pipe threading machine must have deep processing capacity, test the depth of a bottom hole should be 5 times the diameter of the tap.

2. test the tapping ability of the steel pipe thread machine. The thread pitch is based on the rough teeth, that is, the maximum screw moment.

3. select the maximum value of the device demarcation for tapping.

4. to test the tapping ability of the steel tube wire machine, the material should be tested on the tapping of the No. 45 steel.

The tapping process should be completed at one time in 5. tapping, and the phenomenon of repeated retreating and behavior will lead to the unqualified rigidity of the machine.

6. in the process of tapping, the parts of the machine tools can not be distorted. Otherwise, the rigidity of the machine is not qualified. After the tapping, it is required to be used by the qualified party.

A new type of steel pipe shredding machine

In 2018, China's economy has the conditions to maintain a steady and steady trend. But should clearly see that the mechanical advantage, beautiful appearance, high processing efficiency, a large range of thread processing, long length, high processing efficiency and speed of three sets of fine thread symmetry, the beautiful appearance, the open die steel processing thread special equipment operation, low labor intensity, work efficiency high, good processing quality, scientific and reasonable changes to the original product, to better adapt to the market demand. At present, the international environment is still complicated. The outstanding problems of the domestic development imbalance are still to be solved. We still need to make arduous efforts to improve the quality and efficiency of the macro-economy and sustain the development.


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