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Innovative slotting machine with 360 degrees without dead angle and arbitrary

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Automatic slotting machine is a necessary electric tool in hydropower installation. It is a new type of construction tool, and occupies small volume and occupies no space, and it is also easy to operate conveniently. With the effect of shockproof and dustproof, this is a good protection for the workers, and the wear-resistance of the cutter is also a feature of the automatic hydroelectric slotting machine. And since there are fully automatic slotting machines, it has saved a lot of manpower. The work of the previous three people is now available to one person, and the line slot is also very smooth. With automatic water slot machine, the decoration is more intelligent.

Innovative slotting machine with 360 degrees without dead angle and arbitrary slotting

Innovation type hydro slotting machine can be 360 degrees around the slot of a new generation of hydro slotting machine without dead slotted 360 degree horizontal opening up, like how to open on how to open. Easy grooves! Model: RJ-10 power: 4800W, speed: 5000R/MIN, blade model: 125, cutting width: less than 40 mm

Cutting depth: 40 mm or less, water can adjust the size of slot height: 3 meters below, after folding size: length 55/ width 55/ height 100 cm, weight: 48 kg, 40 kg 8 kg shelf, head, cutting width: 4 cm cutting height up to 3.2 meters, the machine adopts the principle of fluid mechanics, spiral propulsion technology, human handle, with automatic dust removing device, special imported broadside staggered blade automatic channel to slag, resulting in rapid propulsion, achieve environmental noise dust, forming a full automatic plastic mold production standard, all modular, shockproof, dustproof, anti rust cover, imported stainless steel spare parts, wear resistance and resistance to make work for a long time.

Innovative slotting machine with 360 degrees without dead angle and arbitrary slotting

360 degree slotted lifting type hydro slotting machine advantages: 1) Hydropower conversion, winter heating pipeline modification, have now reached the peak season, hydropower project construction must use the traditional cutting machine to cut out a line, then hammer percussion, crushing, complete gouging, now Ruijie two generation hydro slotting machine it can be directly installed 5 blades, omitting directly out of 1-4 cm electric adjustable line slot. 2) Ruijie two generation hydro slotting machine to compare the first generation hydro slotting machine without artificial hand, with thick stainless steel stents, artificial ground cutting only by pushing the mobile lifting frame, wall cutting handle two hand, by rotating the handle, the cutter head can control the lifting and moving. This construction is more convenient and the operator is more labor-saving. 3, the traditional process whether it is broken or the first generation electric hydro slotting machine construction has a drawback, that will produce a lot of dust in the process of construction, and the first generation of hydro slotting machine although the pipe, but the construction process will produce a lot of mud, summer, winter construction is not only a very easy dirty and muddy wet clothes make people feel very cold. The second generation of lifting type hydro slotting machine, completely without these drawbacks, the cutter head with water pump, using water cooling technology, slotting process to use water to cool the blade and dust, because there is no manual, so the cutter head is far away from the operator, not the mud splashed to the operator.

Innovative slotting machine with 360 degrees without dead angle and arbitrary slotting

Today, leading China from changing the previous participants of the world economic development has become the global economic trend. Some experts point out that China will play a greater role in the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the global economy in view of the scale and potential of China's continuous growth and the support and contribution of the Chinese economy to the development of the global economy and trade. Our company supports non - standard custom-made, mechanical quotation without freight without tax, all in kind, if there is doubt, please consult customer service. This slotting machine is new, not only saves energy but also uses clean water cooling treatment.

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