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DS0/B5-1220/4000Four-axis High-Speed Numerical Control Notching Machine


Product features:

Engine base and beam of the machine adopt design and manufacturing of steel structure, with good overall rigidity of machine and small deformation;

The machine adopts helical gear and gear drive and beam movement to ensure high cutting precision, stable cutting process and variable frequency adjustment of movement speed;

The machine is four-axis numerical control, with high notching precision, accurate positioning and large processing scope;

The machine adopts fixed device of oil hydraulic system material;

The machine can be furnished with four alloy knives with different heights to process simultaneously and three high speed steel knives with different heights can be replaced to ensure small deformation probability of product to be processed.

Description of numerical control system and main components:

Numerical control system: HUST-H6CSL_M

Servo system: motor SGMGV-09ADC61

Actuator SGDV-7R6A01A

Motor SGMJV-2R8A01A

Converter: FR-E740-7.5K

Variable frequency motor: SEW 5.5KW

Hydraulic system: 

Proximity switch: NBB5-18GM50-E0 

Max.   dimension of main panel to be processed:


Min.   distance of V-trough edge:


Movement   stroke of beam:


Movement   stroke of tool carrier (left and right)


Movement   stroke of tool carrier (upward and downward):


Max.   speed of tool carrier advancing:


Max.   speed of tool carrier retreating:


Max.   speed of tool carrier and end swaging movement:


Max.   speed of tool apron movement:


Resolution   of tool carrier and end swaging movement (left and right):


Resolution   of distance tool carrier movement (upward and downward)


Max.   thickness of steel sheet to be notched   (stainless steel):



Material   flatness<3mm

Min.   thickness of steel sheet to be notched   (stainless steel):


Roll screw and lead rail: 

1. Environment-friendly self-lubricating design, low-friction controller.

2. Equal load in four directions

3. High-precision, maintenance free

4. High-speed and low noise,

5. Slide block is interchangeable

6. International standard specifications,

7. Full oil seal

8. High-rigid in four lines of steel balls

9. Smooth function and novel circulation

Japanese Yasukawa Servo-system

In combination of Torque rotation control, speed control and position control, the system can run at high speed, precision, with high frequency response. The setting time is short. The internal amplification can be adjusted automatically. The volume is small, which can be operated and connected easily. 

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